StableCheck™️ is the quality badge scheme in development by Stablecoin Standard. StableCheckmark™️ refers to the badge itself.

StableCheck™️ was developed by stablecoin issuers to help expedite the due diligence process between issuers when choosing to deploy trading pairs on exchanges. Over time, this has become the minimum industry standard we believe necessary to ensure consumer protection and trust.

StableCheck™️ currently only applies to fiat backed stablecoins. We believe that whilst there is a global lack of regulatory clarity, fiat backed stablecoins are the safest place to start. Stablecoins with other types of collateral backing may still feature in some of our industry working groups, but there are currently no plans for them to be part of StableCheck™️.

The stablecoin standards themselves behind the StableCheck™️ scheme are constantly under revision given the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. Please see the abbreviated standards here.

The Stablecoin Standard Executive Committee is currently finalising the StableCheck™️ badge scheme itself, and is developing a regulatory reporting dashboard with KYAX for verification & regulatory reporting purposes, that will look at not just proof of reserves, but also assets and liabilities. It’s official launch will be made in the coming months.